Butler Capital Partners is a capital placement
firm that works with talented alternative
investment managers
to help
increase their asset growth.

Firm Overview

Butler Capital Partners (“Butler Capital”) is a capital placement firm that works with talented alternative asset Managers to help grow their assets.  Founded in 2001; the firm’s 14-person team, including four Affiliates, have assisted Managers in raising approximately $7 billion to-date.  Butler Capital Partners can support Managers by leading their capital raising efforts through the use of their dedicated sales team that leverages the firm’s investor relationships.

Butler Capital tailors its capital raising efforts contingent upon a fund’s target AUM, time commitment to the capital raising effort, current AUM, and business infrastructure.  Butler Capital leads fundraising while providing direction on issues encountered during a successful offering, to aid the Manager in meeting increasing requirements of institutional investors.  Butler Capital’s sales team and its Affiliates provide marketing strategy and capital raising assistance for emerging and established Managers by accessing their extensive network of over 1,200 investors (inclusive of family offices, endowments, foundations, pension funds, insurance companies, fund-of-funds and private banks).

Butler Capital’s involvement with each Manager is customized to meet that Manager’s specific needs, based not only on their development stage and growth cycle but also on their perception by present and potential investors.