Privacy Notice

Butler Capital Investments, LLC d/b/a Butler Capital Partners is committed to protecting the privacy of the investors we introduce to offerings, as well as former investors.  In order to issue and service high quality financial products and services, we may collect personal information about you.  We do not sell the information you have entrusted to us to third parties and we disclose your personal information only as necessary to provide the products and services you expect from a financial services leader.  To help you understand how we protect your personal information, this notice describes our current privacy policy and practices.  During the continuation of your connection with our firm, we will advise you of our privacy policy and practices at least once annually, as applicable and required by law.  You do not need to take any action as a result of this notice, but you do have certain rights as described below.


We collect information about you, which we may share now or in the future.  We do this to help us qualify and identify you as an investor to introduce to one of our offerings (on behalf of one of our clients, the fund manager(s) we represent) or a former investor, to help facilitate your transactions and requests quickly, to provide 3rd Party Marketer services to you or to advise you of offerings we believe you may wish to look into.

Information we collect includes:

  • Information from you – Prior to introducing you to certain investment opportunities, you may give us information such as your name, address, Social Security number, financial, and employment history.
  • Information about your transactions – We may keep information about your transactions with our company, for example, the products you purchase from the Mangers we represent.
  • Information from outside our company – We may also collect other information that may include information from consumer reporting agencies or database services, in order to qualify you for those offerings we represent.


Butler Capital Partners may share the information described above with our affiliates in order to help facilitate your transactions.  Our affiliates may include financial service providers (for example, third party administrators, broker-dealers, registered representatives, or other financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements) or non-financial companies and individuals (for example, consultants or vendors).  Please be assured that we require these service providers to safeguard your personal information and to use or disclose it only for the work they are performing on our behalf, or as permitted by law.

We may provide information to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law or to others when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.  In the event of a sale of all or part of one of our businesses, we may share investor information related to that business as part of the transaction.  Unlike many other financial institutions, Butler Capital Partners does not sell or share your information with marketers outside our company who may want to offer you their own products and services.  Neither do we share information we receive about you from a consumer-reporting agency.  You do not need to take any action for this benefit.


Keeping your information secure is one of our most important responsibilities.  We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information.  Employees are authorized to access your information only when they need it to provide you with products and services or to help facilitate communication between you and the Managers we represent.


We want to make sure that we have accurate information about you.  Generally, upon written request, we will make your personal information available for your review.  Information we have collected in connection with or in anticipation of a claim or legal proceeding will not be made available.  If you believe that any of our records are inaccurate, you may notify us in writing of any corrections, amendments or deletions that you believe should be made.  Questions about accessing or correcting your personal information should be directed to Butler Capital Partners, 151 Post Road, Old Westbury, NY 11568, Attention: Tony Kemper, Chief Operating Officer or alternatively send an email to Please describe the information you wish to see or corrections required.

Thank you.